Magisterra Soloists is delighted to report having been granted not-for-profit status in June 2016.

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Mission Statement:
Magisterra Soloists is driven to support the livelihoods of the future generation of Canada’s musicians, expanding the classical chamber music repertoire by juxtaposing lesser known and new works with traditional masterworks, exposing to young children to classical music in an engaging and inspiring manner, and aiming to serve and enrich the communities across Southwestern Ontario.

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Board of Directors

Carol Dyck, President (London)

Annette-Barbara Vogel, Artistic Director/CEO (ex officio) Magisterra Soloists (London)

Daina Janitis, Secretary (London)

Ellen Yamanaka, Treasurer (London)

Laura Brown, Director (London)

Quentin Playfair, Director (Toronto, Luthier)

Pierre van der Westhuizen, Director (Kalamazoo, CEO/President Gilmore International Piano Festival)